Starting New Era in Cyber Space

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India is a developing country with the establishment of new technologies and innovations, but there are many consequences in the cyberspace. Many people from the country misusing the internet and indulging themselves in the cyber threat. We all know about the cyber crimes cases and their increasing numbers. We know about the happenings of crimes, but are we aware of the special organization, task force or Governmental Institution to stop all the menace. What are the projects or government initiative to stop these crimes which leads to raising the need for cybersecurity in India? The cybersecurity in India is in meagre condition.

A very vast and upcoming field of laws related to Internet, Computer System, Hardware and Softwares to overcome the crimes like theft, Fraud, Phishing, Online scams, Forgery, Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, Cyber Squatting are commonly known as Cyber laws or Internet Laws which are the fundamental law of internet and information about what all are the crimes in today’s scenario.




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