Cyber Awareness Campaign

New technologies, new inventions in the field of internet, Step towards futuristic digital India. Is India ready to adopt these technologies and invention to be used properly without indulging themselves in any crimes

Today the Indian population is totally dependent on the internet. Are we have any rules and guidelines to use these technologies in a good sense. What all are the crimes being done by the internet. How can we safeguard ourselves and aware of the people from being the victims of these crimes

To overcome the disputes arise by the use of internet and to tackle the cyber crimes in India and to protect the netizens and the society the company has taken the initiative to create the awareness campaign


In today’s developing era about ninety percent of the mankind still remain unaware or lacks awareness about the Cyber laws and associated aspects. This campaign intends to develop amidst the young generations the much-needed awareness pertaining to the cyber solutions. This is in prolongation with the efforts undertaken by the government, corporate organizations and other awareness training program.

Key Note Speakers



P. Sanjai Gandhi

IPR Attorney 

Senior Counsel, Cholamandal IP 



Ayush Agarwal

Young Technocrat

Pusruing Cyber Law (UPES)

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